SYL Introduction

CEO Greetings

Samyoung Logistics is the best specialized logistics company in Korea.
which helps success of our customers
through highly customized logistics,

The beginning of Samyoung Logistics was all about 'passion' for logistics and customers.
In addition, 'challenge' has always been the core of Samyoung Management
since we started our business in 1998 during the difficult time of economy crisis in Korea.
Samyoung's passion and challenge goes beyond the level of doing a better job than its competitors,
pursuing challenges and innovation to become better than yesterday's Samyoung.

Samyoung Logistics also changed its business concept from
“a company that contributes to customer success through logistics” to “a company that makes customers successful through logistics”.
Samyoung's executives and staff are doing their best to ensure that "logistics goes beyond contributing to customer success through logistics,
and that logistics is the number one factor in customer success.

In addition, in order to keep greater trust with customers, Samyoung people believe that they must have excellent skills in logistics.
1) Suggestion ability 2) Technology to executive them 3) Operational skills in the field 4) Continue to study to acquire global business skills We are working hard to do, research, and implement in the field.

Samyoung Logistics 'passion', 'effort', and 'ability' are based on Samyoung people who have a more positive mindset than any other company or employee.
Samyoungin is constantly striving to provide customized logistics services according to customer needs and characteristics.

Meet the new level of logistics service that Samyoungin will provide for your success.

thank you

Samyoung Logistics Co., Ltd.
CEO Lee Sang-geun

Samyoung Logistics Co., Ltd

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