SYL Introduction

SYL History

2021 - Korea Outsourcing Service Customer Satisfaction Award - Outsourcing Times (Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy)
- Small business e-commerce logistics support business agreement - Incheon Regional Headquarters of Korea International Trade Association
2020 - The Best Award Company in Certified Excellent Job Creation Company– Incheon Metropolitan City
- 19th Korea SCM Industry Awards/Minister's Citation, 27th Corporate Innovation Awards Minister's Award - Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy
2019 - Certified HR Service Clean Company for Workers' Protection - Korea HR Service Industry Association
2018 - Certified Excellent HR Service Company (Logistics and Transportation Division) - Korea Employers Federation and Korea HR Service Industry Association
2017 - Certified Excellent Logistics Company (Logistics Warehouse Company+Cargo Transport Company)- Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport
2014 - Best Award of Cooperative coevolution _ MOLIT | Established ‘Incheon Logistics Co., Fed.’ (appointment of the chief director)
- Opened Gajwa Logistics Center
- Established Incheon General Logistics Cooperative (Chairman inaugurated)
2013 - Acquired a Excellent Service Quality Certification for Labor management culture - MOEL
- Acquired a Excellent Service Quality Certification for Company Innovation _ MOEL
2012 - Acquired a Excellent Service Quality Certification for Warehouse Service – MLTM
2011 - Received Industrial Medal at Korea Logistics Awards - Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs
- Selected as Incheon representative brand company “Vision Enterprise”
- Signed an agreement with Ilchon to promote women’s employment and create a hopeful workplace
2010 - Received an order of consulting for logistics process innovation(PI) of Incheon City
- Make a Cooperative Agreement with JEI university
- Appointed as management company in trust for Joint logistics center of NamDong industrial complex
2009 - Acquired Quality certification for Excellent Improvement of Productivity – MKE
- Appointed as Custom Clearance Service Company for Global Fair & Festival 2009 Incheon (Exhibits transportation for sea&air, Custom clearance, Installation and moving)
2008 - Acquired Quality certification for excellent transportation service - MLTM
- Acquired Management Innovation Certification – SMBA
2006 - Established ‘South-North Korea Logistics Co., Ltd.’ l Appointed Rate discount & premium service company - KITA
- ISO14001:2004 Environmental Management System’ certification
2005 - Acquired Certificate of Standardized Logistics Equipment – MKE
- Opened Joint Logistics business of Namdong Industrial Complex
- Received an order of integrated development plan for harbors & airport -Incheon City
2004 - Established ‘Kerry SAMYOUNG Logistics’, joint venture company
- Selected “SAMYOUNG Logistics Consortium” as Joint Logistics of Namdong Industrial Complex – Incheon City
2003 - Acquired ISO9001:2000 QMS certification
- Korea Logistics Award - Prime Minister Award
2002 - Acquired IMS (Information Management System) certification (Informatization of 3PL, e-Logistics part)
2000 - Opened GPS, track & trace systemㅣ Opened exclusive joint logistics center (for the first in Korea)
- Acquired ISO9002 QMS certification
- Established web-based LIS(Logistics Information System)
1998 - Established SAMYOUNG Logistics Co., Ltd.

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