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Logistics Consulting

Samyoung Logistics Co., Ltd. Logistics Consulting Overview

Discovery of qualitative/quantitative key improvement tasks
through logistics consulting

Consulting procedures and scheduling.

Logistics Consulting Process by Stage



  • - Clarification of goals and scope
  • - Present Project Template
  • - Write a check list (shipper company

(Understand the current status)

Kick-Off MTG

  • - Interview 1 (Manager)
  • - Interview 2 (Administrator and worker)
  • - Data Gathering (Shipment and inventory)

Status analysis

As-Is Analysis

  • - Site visit survey (Factory & logistics center)
  • - Operation and Layout Check
  • - Data Analysis

Establish execution plan

To-Be Design

  • - Identification of problems and suggestions for improvement
  • - Pesign of Optimal improvement logistics system
  • - Investment effect analysis

Consulting purpose, scope and expected effect

“Build success case of logistics consulting for shippers”

Logistics cost reduction through customized consulting for participating companies (shippers) industry

Improve productivity and profitability by providing comprehensive logistics services including logistics consulting under the consistent responsibility of logistics companies

Strengthening competitiveness by improving logistics service through outsourcing

Creation of synergy effects and realization of green logistics through the establishment of a logistics network

Expected benefits of consulting

Logistics cost reduction

  • - Suppression of unnecessary investment in vehicles/facilities/centers
  • - Conversion of resources such as inefficient equipment, facilities and manpower
  • - Improved utilization/loading ratio, reduced ratio of empty vehicles

Logistics service level improvement

  • - Enhancing customer service level through logistics operation of a logistics company
  • - Continuous management of service level through the introduction of logistics quality management system (KPI)
  • - Digital logistics system conversion through smart logistics and support

Contribute to green growth

  • - Reduce traffic volume, save energy, and prevent environmental pollution
  • - Contributing to price control by suppressing the increase in corporate costs by reducing logistics costs
  • - Establishment of a social and ethical ESG management system that considers the environment and society

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