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Fulfillment Platformment

Platform division’s business model overview

Target On/Offline Joint Logistics (Company participating in Fulfillment)
Scope Fulfillment joint logistics service
business experience Provide cross-border fulfillment joint service based on dedicated solution
- All B2B / B2C tasks included in logistics, from pickup / sorting / processing / delivery / return
- Cost reduction through joint logistics of tenant companies
Target Domestic and overseas B2C online sales companies
Scope Reverse direct purchase fulfillment service
business experience Providing fulfillment service for fashion clothing products in China (Tmall/Taobao)
- Inspection by platform for overseas OEM products
- B2C (online express), B2B (dedicated LCL) storage/shipment/delivery business
Target Companies participating in online export fulfillment (specialized)
Scope Direct Purchase Fulfillment Service
business experience Direct purchase of overseas luxury brands (Korean customers) Fulfillment service provided
- Differentiated direct purchase fulfillment service for various high-priced products
- Establishment of logistics video system for each B2C customer

Facilities and equipment specialized in fulfillment

Shrink (film shrinkage) processing

Packing two or more at the same time or compressing the product using PVC wrapping paper to prevent damage such as scratching or damage to the product.

Blister (plastic case packaging) processing operation

Production of capsules by inserting cosmetic raw material liquids or products requiring packaging and covering them with paper, cardboard, plastic film or sheets, etc.

Cosmetics manufacturing business registration certificate

DPS (Digital Picking System)

Case erector

Taping machine and automatic wrapping robot

  • - Organize intensive picking areas to streamline movement routes and work processes
  • - Response through gradual facility expansion/flexible manpower input in case of increase in orders and quantity
  • - Can be combined with new equipment such as high-speed scanner or automatic sorter along with DPS line

Platform Logistics Center

Total area of about 8,000 pyeong
(capable of storage: 8,100 pallets)

Average daily shipment of
40,000 Boxes
Average monthly shipment
800,000 Boxes

Gajwa Logistics Center (Incheon Center 1)


Geonji-ro, Seo-gu, Incheon

Used area

3,000 pyeong


Provide joint logistics service for about 50 companies

Cheongna Logistics Center
(Incheon Center 2)


Jeongseojin 4-ro, Seo-gu, Incheon (Oryu-dong)

Used area

2,050 pyeong


Provide cross-border fulfillment service
(specialized in reverse direct purchase)

Fulfillment Center (Incheon 3 Center)


Geonji-ro, Seo-gu, Incheon (Gajwa-dong)

Used area

1,223 pyeong


Fulfillment service for overall logistics such as
ordering, warehousing, processing, etc.

Incheon 4 Logistics Center


212, Jungbong-daero, Seo-gu, Incheon (Gajwa-dong)

Used area

1,820 pyeong


Providing Total 3PL for overall logistics such as
ordering, warehousing, processing, etc.

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