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FC Division

Cold Chain Process

WMS(Warehouse Management System) / TMS(Transportation Management System)

Stock schedule


  • - Direct delivery from the place of production
  • - Transportation to suppliers of processed goods
  • - Sharing/registration of scheduled stock information

Stock system

Cargo Arrival /

  • - Temperature measurement by product
  • - Refrigerated / frozen / normal temperature classification
  • - Classification of same-day storage that is not stored
  • - Receipt inspection (scan) and registration

Picking / Packing

Classification /

  • - Classification by item and frequency (sub-classification) Sorter/DAS/List Picking
  • - Temperature maintenance / anti-deformation packing
  • - Buffer packing by product characteristics

Release System

Release /

  • - Classification of delivery area after packing
  • - After checking the quantity of individual items and boxes, the cargo is handed over to the delivery vehicle
  • - Release inspection (scan) and registration

Cold Chain


  • - Allocate special vehicle suitable to keep freshness
  • - Carry out delivery by regional location
  • - Monitor delivery status on system



  • - CS outsourcing service
  • - Prompt response to the issues in product and delivery
  • - Share the information by stake holders and minimize customer claim

Food Service Trends / Issues

  • #The rapid growth of the online shopping (mobile) market
  • #Advanced cold chain system
  • #Diversification of packaging containers (fresh/environmental)
  • #Dawn delivery_Untact trend

FC Division Performance and Key Effects

logistics service
for food materials

  • - Provision of logistics service for industrial products/fresh food/fresh processed products
  • - Provide stable logistics service through long-term contract
  • - Increase the number of customers by converting delivery staff into sales staff
  • - Customer satisfaction service management through the introduction of 5S field improvement activities

CVS (convenience store)
logistics service

  • - Assignment of CVS experienced people by job/role and strategic support for business area infrastructure
  • - Improvement of productivity per person through standardization of logistics such as DPS
  • - Reduce lead-time and reduce logistics costs by implementing a delivery inspection system

Franchise (food service)
logistics service

  • - Establishment of work process for each shipment type (box/unit) and region (metropolitan/region)
  • - Realization of space utilization diversification of location management by product type/shipment order
  • - Real-time confirmation of logistics information and securing logistics visibility by introducing WMS
  • - Improvement of productivity/flexibility by introducing operational know-how of a logistics company

FC Division CVS Center

CVS Incheon Logistics Center

CVS Bucheon Logistics Center

CVS Asan Logistics Center

Eastern Seoul Logistics Center

Yongin 2 Logistics Center

Ansan Logistics Center

Jecheon Logistics Center

Gumi Logistics Center

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